Bertani London Ltd.
Complete bathroom collections ranging from taps and fittings through tiling to precious environmentally friendly-fabrics and room perfumes. Distinguished design strongly characteristic in its essential lines perfect shape harmony and detail care.
Gessi’s creative philosophy goes beyond products: it understands the room where objects will live. They propose collections of matching furnishing accessories in themed styles.
No planning boundaries thanks to countless solutions around the idea of water. From pure geometry of the series “rettangolo” to smoothness of the series “Goccia” taking inspiration from organic and natural shapes. Gessi’s projects embody free creativity.
Gessi, Goccia mixer Gessi, Goccia washbasin and ceiling spout Gessi, Goccia washbasin mixer Gessi, Goccia washbasin, washbasin mixer and accessories Gessi, iSpa taps and washbasin, Goccia mirror Gessi, iSpa taps and washbasin Gessi, iSpa washbasin and mixer washbasin Gessi, iSpa washbasin and washbasin mixer Gessi, iSpa washbasin and washbasin mixer
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