Bertani London Ltd.
Makro have always supplied unique products for the bathroom environment because of their innovation. Makro bathrooms have a contemporary and minimalistic style.
Baths can be installed within articulated systems together with basins and showers or in spectacular free standing solutions.
Showers are strictly minimal with crystal locks combined with floor built-in trays.
All items in the collections are matching and in contemporary style. The contract division derives from this same concept. They invest their production and creative resources to offer a project service dedicated to professional operators in the hotel and public sectors.
They can boast several hotel realisations featuring important architects and international designers with customised or serial products installed.
Makro. Basic shower tray, Lama shower cubicle Makro. Cup11 washbasins Makro. Flat washbasin top, Block furniture, Frame mirror Makro. Flat washbasin top, Type Collection accessories Makro. Lab45 washbasin furniture, Look bathtub, Type Collection accessories Makro. Light30 washbasin furniture, Space shower tray Makro. Look bathtub Makro. Look bathtub Makro. Look bathtub Makro. My Style bathtub Makro. Slide shower door, Play furniture, Cup26 washbasins Makro. Steel shower tray, Linea shower cubicle, Cup11 washbasin Makro. Style bathtub, Block furniture, Flat washbasin top Makro. Style bathtub, Type Collection accessories Makro. Tower washbasin Makro. Up48 washbasin top, Cup11 washbasins, Wave bathtub Makro. Wave bathtub, Block furniture Makro. Wave bathtub
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