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New wellbeing culture speaks the poetic language of nature. Water pureness, stone charm and wood warmth are made into harmonious and essential shapes.
Neutra products witness of a dialogue between natural materials and advanced technology, senses and practicality.
Primordial forms and materials take body and mind closer to life’s true rhythms. The daily ritual of personal care becomes an all-around sensual experience, bathing becomes a series of intense emotions fulfilling one’s nature.
Minimal surfaces extremely elegant and refined appear smooth and light, a visually thin complement to the sophisticated geometry of wooden or stone furniture.
Neutra. Alone bathtub, Dual tray, Baobab washbasins Neutra. Duo bathtub Neutra. Duo shower tray and washbasin Neutra. Duo shower tray Neutra. Duo washbains, Earth tiles Neutra. Duo washbasins Neutra. Fluid washbasin Neutra. Monolito duo washbasin, Cube tiles
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