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Technical and aesthetic experimentation on materials, production processes, shapes and sizes. This is Tubes. Tubes has reached a good balance between energy efficiency and look thanks to important designers and investments in technology.
Clearly targeting design lovers, who are sensitive to energy saving and looking for radiators that can shape interiors architecture. Radiant bodies are real works of art, architectural elements, whose presence will fit into your living space. And it’s exactly as a work of art that the radiator “Add-on” designed by Salyendra Pakhalè has entered the permanent collection at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris.
Tubes. Add-On radiator Tubes. Add_On radiator Tubes. Add_On radiator Tubes. Milano radiators Tubes. Montecarlo heated towel rails Tubes. Square (left) and Montecarlo (right) radiators Tubes. Square heated tower rails (left) and Basic14 radiator (right) Tubes. T.b.t. radiator
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