Bertani London Ltd.
This is an historical Italian taps and fitting manufacturing company, which started their way into the world of design back in the 70’s cooperating with international level designers.
Their most recent lines bear the signature of Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodriguez, Barbara Sordina, Roberto and Ludovica Palomba; each tap is a metal sculpture, each collection reflects a different poetry and each object can excite and touch senses.
In 2007 Zucchetti took over Kos, together with which two years later they introduced Faraway: the first complete and complex collection for the bathroom. More than hundred products dedicated to private, contract or spa use. Faraway is a flexible modular series, allowing special effects for an unstructured, contemporary but non-conventional bathroom.
Zucchetti. Aguablu bathtub tap Zucchetti. Aguablu washbasin tap Zucchetti. Bellagio washbasin tap Zucchetti. Isy shower, XL shower Zucchetti. Isy washbasin mixer, Bellagio bathtub tap Zucchetti. Isy washbasin mixers Zucchetti. Jingle washbasin mixer Zucchetti. Pan bathtub tap Zucchetti. Pan taps, XL shower Zucchetti. Savoy bathtub tap Zucchetti. Savoy taps Zucchetti. Savoy washbasin tap
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