Bertani London Ltd.
The creation of unmatchable products which are recognizable for their evocation of old time atmospheres has always been Devon&Devon’s orientation. Design and concept take inspiration from the past and perfectly fuse aesthetics and project technique, creating true “historical pieces” with modern functioning and comfort.
The bathroom can turn into a cult place for private wellness, hosting timeless products reflecting the most sophisticated and learned European tradition.
Huge range and product diversity aim at offering a complete interior decoration proposal.
Bath furnishing lines come together with a selection of craft-worked surfaces and the Home Boutique collection, dedicated to home and personal care.
Devon&Devon. Audrey consolle, Fairy mirror, Decor light Devon&Devon. Audrey washbasin furniture, Mayfair washbasin tap set Devon&Devon. Aurora bathtub, Coventry bathtub tap set Devon&Devon. Blues consolle and sanitaryware, White Rose taps Devon&Devon. Colette consolle, Fairy mirror, Noir light Devon&Devon. Diva bathtub, Coventry bathtub tap set, Jasmine3 light Devon&Devon. Fusion bathtub, Audrey washbasin furniture, Black Amelie mirror Devon&Devon. Jacqueline consolle, Black Dandy washbasin tap set, James mirror Devon&Devon. Marlene consolle, Black Dandy washbasin tap set Devon&Devon. Regal Color bathtub, Coventry bathtub tap set Devon&Devon. Rose consolle, Coventry washbasin tap set Devon&Devon. Serenade consolle, White Rose washbasin tap set
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